Provida Pet

Provida Pet™ is a natural supplement supporting optimal health while helping to cleanse your pet of parasites.

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The Ultimate for Healthy Pets

Provida Pet™ is a natural collaborator in the support of healthy pets. It supplies the necessary protein and trace minerals in a bio-available form. It creates a proper environment and cleanses your pet of parasites.

The base for this product is a composition of GSH Complex® and DTSETM. GSH Complex® is known to be the body’s master anti-oxidant and more importantly, a powerful healing agent. DTSETM is formed of diatomaceous fossils found at the bottom of the sea bed. It is used to aid for parasite issues; which can enable your pet to live on average 20% longer. The combination is a unique and the most powerful healing treat for your pet, when used on a daily basis.

INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein Isolate, Fossil Shell Flour
FORMAT: 210 g / 7.4 oz
SUPPLY: 1-2 months

As human beings, our instinct is to nurture our children and those we care for. You know the relationship between you and your pet would be comparable to that with your children. They become a part of the family – and we only want the best for our family!


Provida Pet™ is a natural product that, when used on a daily basis in your pet’s diet, will help maintain or regain his or her youthfulness. It is based on one of the best glutathione (GSH) precursor on the market today, GSH Complex®, which is made to promote optimal health for us, humans. But, hey, if it works for us, it has to work for our furry friends, too! That was on our mind when we created Provida Pet™, hence why it is tested on humans, and made for animals.

Provida Pet™ will help regulate the immune system, promote a proper digestion, increase energy levels and detoxify dysfunctional cells. These elements are essential for your pet’s health. The body of your pets might be different than ours, but at a cellular level, we are all the same. They surely need the same attention at the root cause of any cellular dysfunction, as we do.

Provida Pet™ is truly an amazing product that your pet will benefit from in more ways than you can imagine. Creating a proper environment and cleaning your pet of parasites allows your cherished friends to enjoy a great, healthy life. Creating energy and vitality can have a great effect on their quality of life. So, why not give your pet longevity and vitality? After all, they can’t do it themselves.


  • Healthy gums and teeth
  • Vitality
  • Connective tissues support
  • Greater energy level
  • Increase mobility in older pets
  • Food digestion
  • Immune system regulator
  • Healthier liver, heart and brain
  • Bad odor reduction
  • Weight management


  • HIV Positive Animals
  • Reoccurring parasites Protecting from viral infection (such as Canine Influenza)
  • Extending life by up to 20%; while providing a good quality of life
  • Puppy Training (Enhances connective tissues)
  • Weight management
  • Bad odor reduction
  • General Health (Heart, liver and brain)


Mix the recommended portion of Provida Pet™ with your pet’s dry food, wet food, water or milk. It is important that your pet eats/drinks the full scoop within 1 hour of mixing in wet food or liquid. For better results, use on a daily basis, in the morning.


Cat and Small Size Dogs ( < 18 kg/40 lbs):

  • ½ scoop every morning

Large Size Dogs ( > 18 kg/40 lbs):

  • 1 scoop every morning


At Nutraxis, we love answering your questions and want to provide you with the tools you need in order to find answers to questions related to managing your personal health. Within this section, you will find the frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

How long will one (1) container of Provida Pet last?

A container of Provida Pet™ usually lasts between 1 to 2 months. It all depends on which pet you give it to. A cat or small-size dog will take half a scoop on a daily basis, while a large dog will take a full scoop on a daily basis. It also depends on how often you choose to give them Provida Pet™.

Example: A cat with Feline AIDS may need more Provida Pet™ when he or she undergoes an HIV attack, therefore you’d double the dose and your container would last a month and a half instead of two.

Where can I buy Provida Pet?

You can purchase right here! Simply add the product to your cart and checkout whenever you’re ready! You may also place your order with one of our agents by phone @ 1-888-968-3592.

There are a few stores who hold Provida Pet™, but it is still a new concept and has not yet attained to hit all shelves of Pet Stores. You can check if our Store Locator announces any Pet Shop near you that holds Provida Pet™. But, currently, your best bet is to order online or by phone.

How do I give to my dog and/or cat?

It’s quite simple. We advise for cats and small size dogs to take half a scoop a day (the scoop is provided in the container). For a large size dog (over 40 lbs), the diet should be of 1 full scoop per day. You can mix Provida Pet™ in their dry food, wet food, water or milk, preferably in the morning as you have breakfast. It is mandatory that they eat it within 1 hour of preparation, though. Or they will not get the full results desired.

What else is in Provida Pet (other than GSH Complex® and DTSE™)?

This information can be found on our label. Each serving of 7 g (1 scoop) contains: Protein (5.3 mg), Magnesium (0.8 mg), Sodium (10.5 mg), Phosphorus (4.4 mg), Calcium (7.6 mg), Potassium (7 mg), Iron (0.29 mg), Folic Acid (0.03 mg), and traces of manganese, zinc, molybdenum and chromium, copper and selenium.

Are any of the ingredients listed above harmful for my pet’s health?

We’re happy to announce that all the ingredients listed above are NOT harmful to your pet’s health.

You can also use “The Dog’s Food Project’s” list of Ingredients To Avoid if ever you’re asking yourself the same question about other product you provide to your furry friend. Here’s a direct link to that list.

My pet is already using another health product, but I want to make the switch to Provida Pet. How do I go about?

Unless you want to switch absolutely, you may give both products in conjunction. Simply add Provida Pet™ to their routine! Provida Pet™ has no counter indication, therefore it will not counter act any other product or medication. After all, it is a food supplement, not a prescription drug.

But speaking of prescription drugs, we do advise for animals on this type of medication to simply take their prescription one hour before or after the use of Provida Pet™. This is simply because Provida Pet™ could enhance the medication in certain cases – and to be safe!


Learn more in depth about Provida Pet™, its ingredients and benefits right here!


View the official label of Provida Pet™ for its nutrition facts, method of use, and benefits.



Janji arrived in Robert’s home from a rescue shelter, he already had Feline AIDS. Listen to Janji’s story to recovery!


Zeus started having troubles walking and suffered from constant exhaustion. Zeus was caught on camera running around only 2 weeks after starting Provida Pet™.


Learn about how Provida Pet™ helped resolve shelter shock within 3 weeks of use.


Scruffy arrived in Robert’s home after being found abandoned in the cold, he has digestive issues, low energy and devlopped cataracs. Listen to Scruffy’s story to recovery!


Andrew shows how his cat, Disco, takes Provida Pet™ everyday, and tells us about his experience!

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  1. Patty Wittman

    Am Amazing product for a pet’s health to be restored.

  2. Patty Wittman

    An Amazing product to restore a pets health. Especially if the pet has no mothers milk. Now this pet does and a life of health to go with it! Thank you~

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